Shipment Tracking

Receiving Your Tracking Information

Once your order has been processed and shipped, AYRA SPA will send you a shipping confirmation email. This email will include your tracking number, indicating that your order is on its way.

Steps to Track Your Order
  1. Check Your Email: Look for the shipping confirmation email from AYRA SPA in your inbox.
  2. Find the Tracking Number: Locate the tracking number within the email.
  3. Track Online: Use the tracking number on the carrier’s website to monitor the delivery status of your order.

No Tracking Number or Not Working?
If you have not received your tracking number or if it’s not functioning correctly, please contact AYRA SPA customer service at for assistance.

Tracking Within the AYRA SPA Dashboard
  1. Access Order Details: Log in to your AYRA SPA dashboard and navigate to the 'Orders' section.
  2. Locate Your Order: Find the specific order you wish to track.
  3. View Tracking Information: Within the order details, look for the 'Tracking ID's' section as shown in the screenshot provided. Here you will find your tracking number and a direct link for tracking.


  • The tracking number is vital for monitoring your delivery's progress.
  • Keep your shipping confirmation email until your order has been successfully delivered.
  • Use the AYRA SPA dashboard for a quick reference to your order's tracking details.

Tracking your order is straightforward with AYRA SPA, providing you with transparency and peace of mind throughout the shipping process.





Find my package

Find out more information about the current status, delivery times or delivery location of your order.

Enter the tracking number you received by Email here to locate your package: 

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You may also find these websites helpful:

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If you have any other questions about your package please Contact Us